Wrapping Things Up

It's been a while since I revisited Zodiac, and it really does bring back memories. Who would have thought that the humble Candy Crush clone sparked my next few months of game development?

I figured I would do it justice by wrapping things up.  The mechanics of Zodiac remain the same, but I added an appropriate main menu screen and game over screen, as well as updating the WebGL build to run smoothly with fonts and stuff. Importantly, I added the ability to submit your score to a database that will be an online leaderboard, hosted on my personal web page. The Zodiac high score list can be found here. See how you stack up!

I hope you enjoy/have enjoyed Zodiac. I know that I will remember it most for seeing how far I've come in these few months!


Zodiac_20180401.zip Play in browser
Apr 02, 2018

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